Zombies Attack

晶文薈萃 十優文章

"The only easy day was yesterday, and I will never forget the incident in 2046", Jan was writing on a notebook.

Here was a 16-year-old youngster named Jan. He was playing video game and was talking through the internet. His parents who had gone to Los Angeles for work had left some money. Without parents' cares, Jan was playing video games all day. As most teenagers preferred, he got spiky hair. He always wore a pair of glasses. Although he liked video games, he was an introverted secondary student. He never talked to someone except through the net. He had an only trustful friend called Hal. Hal was expelled from school since he was fifteen. And then in the following two years he brawled with some gangsters and was charged criminal acts several times. Although he was an impolite and belligerent person, he had never been rude to his friends.

One night Jan was connecting with Hal through the net, and that was when the nightmare began. "Hello? Hal? Are you there?" "Yeah, what's the matter? "Hal answered. "Errr, playing video games every day makes me bored. Do you think there will be something new to do?" "Humm, I guess it's time to get the protection fee from the kids playing in the alley. Will you come?" "Errr…" Jan hestitated but his computer was off already. All the electronic devices were out of power and everywhere was dark. It seemed like all the electronic items were short circuited. Jan had to go down the street and find someone for help.

Prazil City was not a huge city but filled with people. It was easy to search for help, Jan kept thinking of this while sleeping and he hoped that everything was just a dream. The next day he woke up and turned on the computer as usual but the computer didn't respond. There was some noise coming from the outside. He was shocked to see the unlimited zombies walking around the street. Jan could not trust his eyes. Nevertheless he had to figure out what to do.

On the other side, Hal was smashing zombies with a lead pipe, just like bullying them. The zombies in the streets were like vacuum cleaners and they sucked humans' organs inside. The air smelled rotten. Hal tried to find Jan as quickly as he could. Then he remembered there was a park somewhere nearby, so he yelled. "Jan! If you can hear, then go to the park! I'll wait for you there!" He dashed there without hesitation.

"Hal? Is that you?" Jan whispered. At the same time he reached the park, he checked if Hal was there. "Finally! " Hal was walking toward Jan and shouted. "Hal, there are too many zombies, we must leave before the storm comes!" Jan replied. The sky started raining and thundering. "Brother! You know we can't leave this city, why don't we just fight against the zombies until the end? Now! GO!" Hal roared and beat zombies with the bloody lead pipe. Hal said the truth, no one could escape the city. The only thing they could do was just fighting zombies. The two boys were heroically killing zombies under the storm. Just then, a rescue team helicopter passed. Rescuer saw the boys in the park so they dropped a rope and said, "Come on!" In no time, the army on the helicopter started firing to cover them. Jan saw it and ran to the rope and shouted, "Come on Hal! Leave together!" "There is something I did not tell you, I get bitten, I can't go with you! Sorry bro!" Hal said loudly. The helicopter started rising and left. "My friend, forgive me for lying to you…" He whispered. In fact, he was not bitten.

Right above Prazil City, a huge missile was dropped which created a giant mushroom. The rescue team helicopter escaped just in time and Jan was riding on it with sorrow for losing a best friend.