Say 'no' to Drugs

Taking drugs has many bad effects. It can result in serious behavioral and emotional changes that ultimately destroy a person’s life. Taking drugs can have immediate and long-term consequences. For immediate consequence, it can ruin our relationship between family and derive a lot of financial problem for a person or a family. For long-term consequence, taking drugs brings physical harm or death.

There are many reasons for teenagers to take drugs. Nowadays, teenagers live in an environment with lots of pressure. They do not get social acceptance but low self-esteem. Teens think taking drugs can make them feel “cool”. Since their self-worth depends on the approval of others, their desire for social acceptance can drive them to take drugs even they know it could harm their health. Another reason for teenagers to take drugs is drugs are easy to access. They can easily get prescription or illegal drugs.

Our school runs many programs to educate all of my schoolmates about the bad effects of taking drugs. For example, in school assembly lectures or seminars were held to teach us to say ‘no’ to drug. Teachers also teach us during lessons so that we know taking drugs can ruin our health and family. Most important of all, there are many activities for students to join to raise their self esteem. There are better ways to show people you are good other than taking drugs.