Good People, Good Deeds - Ambassador of Love

Do you know who Wong Fuk Wing is? He is a container truck driver. But in 2002, he began to do charity work in Mainland China. He died when he was forty-five years old. His stories have touched many volunteers’ heart in the mainland. Wong Fuk Wing is praised for having the spirit of sacrificing oneself to protect others. Then, I learnt something from this ambassador of love. I would like to share his heartwarming story with you.

When I was reading the newspaper, I saw a piece of news about the death of a volunteer.

On 14th April, 2010, Wong Fuk Wing engaged in a volunteer work in an orphanage in Yushu. He had been fleeing from the collapsing orphanage. However, when he knew that six students and teachers were trapped dangerously in a collapsed building, he immediately took the risk of rescuing them regardless of the dangers of aftershocks. He dashed back to the site twice. Then, he successfully rescued two people. Nevertheless, at the second time, the aftershocks of 6.3 magnitude happened. The whole building totally collapsed, he took the three orphans outside the collapsed wall but he was buried by concrete and rubbles. He is a super hero. The three orphans and teachers only suffered minor injuries but the super hero died. This is a sad ending.

Wong Fuk Wing’s story ends here, but it will last long in my heart. I won’t forget his spirit of self-sacrifice. I am touched by his action. He teaches me the power of love and care. We should always think of others and have sympathy with the people in need. Wong Fuk Wing’s act of love inspires me to pursue a meaningful life. Maybe I will follow the footstep of my ambassador of love in the future. To be a helpful and caring volunteer!

I think offering help to the needy can make my life colourful and meaningful. I will recommend the ambassador of love, Wong Fuk Wing to my friends because I hope everyone in the world knows his good deeds. Moreover, action is louder than speaking. Although donating money to charities can help the poor, action turns out to be more direct and heartwarming.