Book review : "And then there were none"

I have just finished a wonderful book! "And then there were none" is a detective story about survival, life and death. The author is Agatha Christie, who is called "The acknowledged queen of detective fiction".

There were eight strangers that were invited to the coach of Devon on the Nigger Island. They were Marston, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Rogers, General Macarthur, Emily, Dr. Armstrong, Blore, Lombard, Vera and Justice.

On the coach of Devon, a nursery rhyme was found on the wall. It was about ten niggers who were killed in different ways such as injection, overdosed medicine and drowning in water. The ten characters were also killed in these ways one by one. However, no one even knew who the murderer was at that time. Until the last person, Vera, was found hung. The case became weird as the chair that Vera used to step up was beside the door when the police found Vera. It gave the clue that the murderer was not Vera. In the end of the story, the police received a strange letter that was sent from the murderer. The murderer actually was one of these ten people. He is the Judge. He confessed that he killed the people because they were guilty and he sentenced them to death. Also, He explained how we could kill them. He disguised the fact that he was alive by setting up the scene that he was killed.

It wasn't an ordinary story to me. I have never read any detective story before. This book brings me a lot of valuable things. I tried to guess who the murderer is, how he can kill people without leaving any clues. The end of story is really surprising. Also, I learnt something special. No one can be sentenced to death beyond the law court. Everyone has their right to fair trial. The most important point is that no one is perfect. All of us have done something wrong. The judge wants to punish the criminals but what about him? Is he perfectly correct? I don't think so.

I do like the ending of the story. I have never read detective books with this kind of ending. I suppose we are inspired by this story. When the murderer was disclosed in front of the reader, everything becomes clear and reasonable. Agatha Christie is surely a great queen of detective story.

To sum up, I would like to recommend this book to my friends. I think I am interested in detective story because of this book. I am going to find another detective story written by Agatha Christie.