A Heartwarming Lunch Box

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Nowadays, we can always see some people do a lot of charitable works to gain their reputation or for other purposes. For instance, many students in Hong Kong often join the voluntary works or teams in school because they know that there is a record of voluntary work hours called OLE (Other Learning Experience ) which can help with their university entry. However, Ming's good deeds have revealed his generosity and selflessness and I would like to share his heart-stirring behavior with you.

One day's evening in July, I had a really unusual experience. When I was walking down a street in Sham Shui Po , I found that there was an owner of a famous restaurant in Sham Shui Po called Ming who gathered some volunteers urgently to distribute the lunch boxes to the people in need.

Ming's deeds have touched a foreigner, aged 18 who came from Britain. He donated some money to Ming to buy more lunch boxes. I thought it was so meaningful so I joined this voluntary work.

It is the first time I joined this voluntary work, I was touched by their effort put into the voluntary work. Among the numerous unacquainted volunteers, there was a man with golden hair and tattoos. He was always smoking, nevertheless he was very helpful. Sometimes, he reminded me to hand out the lunch boxes with a genial smile. He was so nice to the needy. I very much appreciate his attitude on serving people.

In the past, I did not have courage to serve people and I was afraid of dirt. When I smelled something disgusting, I would stay away from it. What I could see was that some people's legs were broken or they need to use a walking stick. They even did not have money to buy a lunch box.

When we distributed the lunch boxes to them, they said "Thank you" to us from the bottom of their heart. When I saw them, I knew that I must cherish food and never waste it.

It was the first time I met him, I could see his spirit of sacrifice. After work, he answered us dozens of questions and shared his experience and feeling of doing voluntary work. He thought that his job was meaningful and could give enlightenment to other people.

During the voluntary work, I saw how small deeds can influence the whole world. I am really glad to take the job. Today, I swear to the world, "I will see Uncle Ming as my role model and would continue his spirit, helping people in need!"