Pizza Island - A Highly Recommended Restaurant

If you are looking for a trendy Italian dining experience, the Pizza Island is your undisputed choice. Hidden in the heart of Quarry Bay, the restaurant has opened for 3 years, and is much more dazzling than others.

Stepping into the Pizza Island, you will be amazed by its Italian design and cosy atmosphere. The head waiter, dressed in black suit, greets you warmly, and you, the honored guests is taken to your table. Take time to enjoy selecting your favourite pasta and soup from choices like Chicken Deluxe, Hawaii Island, Smoked Salmon and Crab Roe Salad with Angel Hair and Sesame Sauce, just to name a few.

The Pizza Island is famous for its pizza and spaghetti of Italy, including Sloppy Ginseppe pizza and Cutler Sole Fillet Pasta. The restaurants only use herbs and species imported from Italy. Therefore, their dishes have real Italian flavours with the amazing food, great atmosphere and reasonable food prices. You can’t miss it!