Helping the Others - Let Dream Come True

晶文薈萃 十優文章

I made a friend last year, he is still my best friend now. He is my neighbor. His name is Kenneth. I worship him so much as he is a role model of voluntary worker. He shows me the spirit of humanity because he is so selfless in serving, he never asks for any pay or reward.

Last summer, I met Kenneth in a fast food shop, he is one of the staff there. I was shocked to see him working there because he was still a student. I went to the counter and asked him why he was working here. He replied that his parents were unable to work and they were impoverished, so he had to do a part-time job to earn money for daily necessities. His words touched me, I wanted to help but I didn’t know how to start. He suggested I should be a voluntary worker like him. I couldn’t believe he could do so many things while I did nothing to the society.

A few days later, I tried to help others for the first time. We joined the Flag Day for fund raising. We stood on the street and sold flags to the passers-by. At first, no one bought any flag of mine, I didn’t know why. Then, he told me that we needed to take the initiative and be more polite, such as thank them after they bought a flag. I realized that it was not as easy as I thought but he told me not to give up. He said there were many challenges in our lives. If we gave up easily, how could we face the difficulties as we grew up? I thought that was right so I joined an activity held by Hong Kong Red Cross later.

We visited a flat where poor family lived. When we arrived, I saw a student called Tom and Kenneth and they told me that they were friends. We thought Tom needed help but he said he didn’t and told us not to bother him. We knew that he did not want others to think he was miserable and did not want any charity’s assistance. Then Kenneth said he knew why he felt so, ‘you felt perplexed but if we help you, you can help others, then everyone will be kind and helpful to one another’. Tom thought for a while and finally accepted him. We gave him some furniture and commodity.

After summer holiday, I joined the voluntary team and enjoyed doing this. I also donate money whenever I have a chance, because I know that my help can do miracle to people in poverty. One day, I saw Tom and he told me that he had become a voluntary worker, I was glad to hear that, because it means more people will be helped. He also said he felt heartwarming when we were helping him and he wanted to be like Kenneth and devote himself to society.

I think even he is not as rich as people who donate hundreds or thousands or millions, his behavior will change the world and make it a better place with no poverty or homelessness. To me, good deeds are simple but important – as simple as lending a hand but as important as influencing our world. I respect Kenneth as a forerunner and teacher of my life, I will continue his goal even it sounds impossible. Moreover, he is poor but he never gives up on volunteering. To start a meaningful life, you should serve the society first, you will find that you are not the only one paying effort. If there are more people doing this, a beautiful world will be possible soon.