Helping Others with Simple Things but Great Meanings

"Good deeds", we all know this phrase ever since we were young. When I was only a kindergarten student, teachers, parents and also my grandma already reminded me to be good to others. This is because being good to others means being good to yourself. It does not mean that you can get reward from people you helped, it means you will feel happy and pleased after helping people. I think it is really an important virtue nurtured by the traditional society.

In the traditional society, this idea of helping others means helping yourself had been there for many years. "One good turn deserves another" is the idiom we heard since we were young, and it is the core value of the traditional wisdom. My grandma, who is part of the older generation, instills this core value to me. However, I think as our society evolves, the gap between the rich and the poor widens. Although people who need help can also get help, I think the meaning has changed. Donating money to the charity is not the only way to help people. Donating and feeling great becomes more like a gesture. On the other hand, the person who needs help does not always wish to get money from you. Warmth from the heart is what they need.

To me, good deeds are to care about people from your heart. A hug, a greeting, a smile or a timely solution are good deeds. I do not like donating money, especially after some natural disaster such as earthquake or tsunami. In my opinion, most of the proceeds end up paying for administrative costs and pocket money of the officers. This undermines my incentive to help through money. I think I am a person that loves to help others, because I believe in the core value of help. I remember when I was in primary four, I had an unforgettable experience. I needed to take tram to home. Once, I noticed an old man on the opposite bench who had lost one of his legs. "There are many people like me on the street, nothing special" I couldn't believe I was so silly to be told this. I ignored him until something happened.

"I am hungry, I…. want bread…" "Pineapple bun is the most delicious food" Suddenly, he murmured to himself. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I forgot all the silly things I did before. The passengers on the tram stared at him and wondered whether he was mad. I felt sad and hurt. I took a ten dollar coin out of my pocket and gave it to him. "Thank you... thank you so much…" He kept saying these words until I got off the tram. I waved to say goodbye. At that time, I understood how pleased it was helping people. These experiences are valuable.

I hope the society will respect and care for people in poverty and the disabled. The government should do more to help them. Money is not the only meaning to them, sometimes as simple as a pineapple bun can be as important as you can never imagine. I will send this message and also the core value to the next generation and do what my elderly teach me to do.