Is "Gangnam Style" a part of our popular culture?

PSY is very popular pop singer all over the world right now. He became popular because of his song "Gangnam Style". His personality is very funny and playful. But actually he is a very hard-working man. He always spends a lot time to make his works better. He always wears sunglasses and suits so that people can recognize him easily. The message of his song is about people in the Gangnam area in South Korea. As a result, a lot of Korean people can relate to the song.

At the Gangnam area in South Korea, people are rich and can do whatever they want. People in that area have their own style. In fact the song 'Gangnam Style' was making fun of the government in the Gangnam area. A lot of Korean people think this song can reflect a part of the society in Korea.

I think the internet is definitely the place that makes him popular especially Youtube. We cannot deny that the internet is very powerful nowadays. People from all over the world can watch the music video. The music video of Gangnam Style already has over 100 thousand viewers on Youtube. In addition, he has been on many magazines covers and TV shows. Now PSY is well known all over the world, even in the western society.

Some of us think he is just a strange person who is dancing weirdly to catch the attention of people. However I don't agree with them at all. I truly believe that he has put a lot of effort on his work and the dance is very unique and different. When he first released his song, he had never thought that the song would become that popular. He was 'super' surprised when "Gangnam Style" got a lot of support from internet fans on Youtube

In conclusion, "Gangnam Style' is a part of our popular culture because people always talk about it.