My First Pet

A few months ago, on a hot and sunny day, my father and I went to a restaurant for lunch. The food was very delicious and we enjoyed it very much. After lunch, we decided to go shopping nearby. Suddenly we saw a small skinny cat on the pavement. It looked very hungry and frightened. Moreover, I found that its leg was injured. Therefore I asked my father to let me take it to the veterinarian. After we reached the vet, the vet examined the cat carefully and told us that one of its legs was hurt. Besides, it had not had food for quite a long period of time. Then we left the cat in the clinic and let the vet take care of it.

After a few days, the cat recovered. The cat looked much better and became healthier. So my father and I felt very happy and thankful for the vet. Since the cat was very poor, I hope I could take care of it. Therefore I begged my parents to let me keep the cat as my pet. In fact, my parents were afraid that I did not know how to take care of the cat. In addition, they wondered whether I really wanted a pet. However, at last they allowed me to have a pet.

Now, I always play with the cat and I give a name to the cat. I called it “Charcoal” because its fur is dark in colour and it looks like charcoal. During my leisure time, I carry Charcoal to the park and play with it. Charcoal brings lots of fun to my family and it becomes our family member.