The Adventures of Ultra Boy

This story is about Tim Carlton, who is an average student, but also a teenager superhero called Ultra Boy. One morning, he heard from the news that someone had pretended to be Ultra Boy to rob the safe boxes from many shops. Many people were starting to think that Ultra Boy had turned into a criminal.

The main characters are Tim Carlton (Ultra Boy) and Slime Man. To all kids and teachers, Tim was just an average student. But he discovered that he had special power after his best friend Greg accidentally tipped some iodine solution all over him Thereafter he became a superhero. Ultra Boy was brave and confident to catch criminals. But his deadliest enemy Slime Man was greedy and obstinate. He pretended to be Ultra Boy to rob shops.

The most important event of this story is Ultra Boy and Greg followed Slime Man. At that moment, Slime Man was going to rob the safe, which was at the back of the shop. Ultra Boy tried to stop him robbing more shops. He wanted to prove that Ultra Boy hadn't turned into a criminal.

This story is a modern science-fiction. It's also an adventure story. It is set in our time when the hero goes to school for chemistry lessons like us. He acquired his superpower through some chemical reaction and then experienced a lot of exciting fights with the villain.

Overall I don't think the story is well written. I think readers do not see Ultra Boy as a powerful superhero. After reading this story, I have no idea about Ultra Boy's special power. In addition, the plot of this story is similar to other stories. It doesn't give readers a surprise. Although the ending of the story is not told, everyone would expect that Ultra Boy defeats Slime Man and the villain would be arrested at the end.