The Art of Helping Others

This is a short story of 'good people good deeds'. One day, when I went to a seven-eleven, a little boy who was wearing school uniform at around 4 to 5 years old was sitting on the floor eating some food. He was very little and no one was looking after him. I think he was very hungry because he ate very fast. Suddenly, an old man walked near him, he went to the cash desk and took a basket to the little boy. I was very surprised and wondered what the old man wanted to do .The old man turned the basket upside down to make a small table. I then realized the old man wanted the little boy to eat comfortably so he gave him a basket.

It was very warm to see this picture. I think many people will feel touched of this scene. In fact, there are many helpful people in our society and I think we should learn from them. Although we can't really make big changes but we can tell people that there is love in this world. We can tell people that many people care for them and they are not alone. To help people, we feel happy too, so why don't we help the people in need? Sometimes it's not the money we spend is valuable, it is the true heart that they can feel.