A Postcard from Japan

Dear Dad and Mum,

Hi Daddy and Mummy. I'm having a wonderful time with my friends in Tokyo! There are so many things to do and see.

Now, I'm writing this postcard at Ice-cream City. It's snowing, so Brain and I are having dinner at the moment. There is lots of fun in Tokyo. Also, I think the Food (theme park) are good for shopping and eating. The Jiyugarka Sweets Forest is one of them. Also the Ueno Park is a great place too! You can see many wild animals and there are museums for you to visit to take photos.

Tomorrow we'll visit the Mount Fuji. The spectacular view is a must-see point for visitors. After that, we'll go to visit a temple near Mount Fuji. We're staying at a hotel nearby, so I hope we can get there before it gets cold. Also, after visiting Mount Fuji and the temple, we'll go to Ginza, which is one of Tokyo's most popular shopping areas. You can buy many souvenirs, clothes and some Japanese snacks.

Anyway, see you when I get back.