Likey Bakery

If you are looking for an exceptional lunch but you don’t want to spend much money, Likey Bakery is your best choice. It is located in Kingston Road, North Point. It is not only a bakery, it is also a restaurant. It is a well-known restaurant not only in the district but also in our school which was highly recommended by our students.

The restaurant is a little bit crowded but most people are there for buying bread. The yellow walls are brightly painted, and there is traditional Hong Kong furniture. You will be amazed by their fantastic foods. All meat is juicy and tender. As the ingredients are imported from mainland China, the foods have real Hong Kong flavours.

Its chef is experienced foods of high quality. They provide many choices of foods: over 80 choices of dishes and 25 drinks. It also offers delicious sandwiches and curry fish balls. All dishes are reasonably priced, about $20 per person. If you and your friends order over ten dishes, you can have a discount. Eating at Likey Bakery is absolutely a wonderful experience.