Benevolent woman

You can always see good people perform good deeds in the eye of an observer. Today I'm telling a story of a benevolent woman. She is my Auntie called Carol. I remember I met her after my dog died when I went to its funeral with my mother. Carol saw my mother cry and she greeted her. From their chat, I heard that she always feeds and saves dogs. In fact she is a Buddhist.

She told us a touching event. Auntie Carol goes to the mountain to feed dogs every day. One day the black rainstorm signal was issued. She feared the dogs got no food so she walked up the hill with an umbrella. On the way up, she tripped over but she did not give up. When she arrived, she saw one baby dog fall down, so she struggled to help the dog out. When the dog was rescued,her hand was full of blood, but she did not mind. She said the most important thing was the safety of the dog. I think she is the most benevolent woman.

When she is free, she goes to Buddhist temple for chanting. She always saves the dogs and my mother always gives food to Auntie Carol to feed them.

Auntie Carol always greets my mother and we always meets. We always share our good deeds. Auntie Carol really impresses me. She really loves dog and she always helps stray dogs to find home and master.

Anutie Carol's story ends here, but it will last long in my heart. She sets an example of benevolent woman. She is very considerate and enthusiastic. She is always ready to help but she never expects any return. She gives a helping hand to both the dog and people. I think she is a great woman and Buddhist. I hope everyone can learn from Auntie Carol to love everyone and all animals.