The Paper Bag Princess

晶文薈萃 十優文章

In a large cave, there lived an enormous dragon named Henry. He loved Princess Elizabeth very much. It was because he thought that she was beautiful and powerful.

One day, he got an invitation letter from Princess Elizabeth. When Henry saw that Princess Elizabeth would marry Prince Ronald the following week, he cried loudly. It was because he knew that Prince Ronald was not a good man. He was very rough and rude. So he wanted to destroy the wedding party and save his lover, Princess Elizabeth.

On the wedding day, Henry came to the wedding party early and made a lot of troubles. He spewed the flames of fire from his big nostrils and he smashed the Castle. Oh no! Princess Elizabeth's beautiful clothes were burned! Henry wanted to give her something to wear. However, he was too poor. He only had a paper bag. He wanted to throw the paper bag to her. But the paper bag was blown to a far place from a naughty fairy. He saw the soldier coming so he caught Prince Ronald and flew to his cave.

After two weeks, a dirty girl came to his cave. Although she was too dirty, he knew that she was Princess Elizabeth. He let her see Prince Ronald deliberately. When she saw Ronald, she was so cheerful. Ronald looked very angry and scolded at her, "You are so dirty!" Henry was too mad and wanted to kill him. Princess Elizabeth just smiled and went away.

Henry did not know whether Elizabeth loved him or not. He only wanted to stay with her forever