The Rude Princess

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Long long time ago, a rude princess named Christy lived in a huge castle. Although she was the most beautiful girl in the world, she was very rude. Nobody liked her because she always ordered people to do housework.


Princess: She is a rude girl, she likes to order people do housework.

Witch: She is a bad woman.

Prince: He is a brave prince in another kingdom.

King: He loves his daughter very much.

Scene 1 (In the castle)

Princess: (Says angrily) Quick! Sweep the floor.

People: (Says sadly) Yes! Princess! We are doing it now.

Princess: No! You need to be quick. You are so slow.

People: Sorry.

Princess: I feel tired now. I need to take a rest for a while. Be quick! Or you will be fired.

People: Yes.

Scene 2 (Princess’s bedroom)

(As soon as Christy comes to her bed room, something happens. )

Witch: Ha ha… You will be turned into an ugly mouse now!

Princess: No… I don’t want to be a mouse…

(The witch doesn’t listen to her and a few minutes later, an ugly mouse appears.)

Witch: Ha ha… Nobody will help you! Bye.

Scene 3 (In the castle)

(The king finds a prince to find his dear daughter.)

Prince: What has happened?

King: I have lost my lovely daughter, please help me!

Prince: No problem.

(The prince cannot find the princess. Suddenly, a mouse appears.)

Princess: Look! I’m here.

(The prince discovers a mouse.)

Prince: Who are you?

Princess: I’m the princess.

Prince: Really?

Princess: Really! Please believe me.

(The prince believes her and saves her.)

Scene 4 (In Witch’s house)

(After Christy turns into the princess, the prince knows what kind of girl she is so…)

Prince: Can you help me turn the princess into a mouse again? I will give you so much money.

Witch: Of course!

(The princess is turned into a mouse again.)