The Paper Bag Princess

In a cave, there lived a large dragon who loved Princess Elizabeth very much. However, she was going to marry Prince Ronald. The dragon loved Princess Elizabeth because she was kind. She always helped the poor people. So, the dragon was disappointed that she would marry Prince Ronald.

The dragon flew to Princess Elizabeth's castle. Both Elizabeth and Ronald were scared. He smashed the castle fiercely. He burnt Elizabeth's clothes carelessly and caught Prince Ronald. He wanted to demonstrate his ability.

Elizabeth's clothes were burnt. She found a paper bag to wear. It was too dirty. Then, she found the dragon's cave. Elizabeth cheated him to fly around the world slowly. When the dragon was flying, Elizabeth saved Prince Ronald.

As the dragon came back and saw Ronald, he was angry and sad. Nevertheless, he heard Elizabeth shouted at Ronald, "You are neither a real prince nor a good man." He didn't know what happened, but he was joyful.

Elizabeth said to the dragon, "Thank you, Dragon. You have helped me to know Ronald is not a good man." The dragon smiled happily. Although Elizabeth did not love him, he could be a friend with her.