A Bad Dragon King

Long long time ago, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Ronald lived in a huge, beautiful castle there was a dragon in the Dragon Kingdom. He was the king there. The dragon always wanted to marry a pretty wife.

One day, the king of the dragon walked in the park and saw Elizabeth. He felt she was so lovely. He fell in love and he needed her to be his wife. However, after 3 days, he knew that Princess Elizabeth would marry Prince Ronald. So, he felt very angry and he asked his followers to catch Elizabeth back to his kingdom. Then, he told Elizabeth he wanted to marry him. However, she didn’t want to be his wife. Suddenly, Prince Ronald came and he wanted to save the princess. Unfortunately, he was killed by the dragon’s killer. After Elizabeth heard about that, she felt so sad.

Elizabeth was so annoyed that she could neither go back to her castle nor married Ronald. At last, she was forced to marry the dragon.