The True Story of Snow White

晶文薈萃 十優文章

I believe everyone knows the story of my daughter, Snow White, but nobody knows the true story. Oh! I forget to introduce myself. I am Snow White’s beautiful and benevolent stepmother, Flora. Maybe most people think I am an evil woman, but I’m not! Let me tell you the real story.

About five years ago, I married the King. I really had a magic mirror. I always talked with Snow White and played with her. However, she seemed not like me very much because her mother had gone and she still could not embrace I was her stepmother.

One day, I found Snow White was lost. She was kidnapped by seven dwarfs. They gave Snow White a durian. Then, Snow White passed out. I knew that from the magic mirror but I could not save her because I was sick. So, I told the prince if he could save Snow White, I would let Snow White marry him. Then, he saved my daughter and married her.

The seven dwarfs were so angry. They made a story that I was a bad woman to the news reporters. However, my daughter and prince did not live happily ever after.

After they were married, the prince found out Snow White was so dirty. Snow White had ozostomia, body odour and farted all day. At last, Snow White and the prince divorced. And that was the real story.

Which story do you like better, Snow White or The True Story of Snow White?