The Fierce Dragon, Sam

In the forest, there lived a fierce dragon, Sam, who loved Princess Elizabeth very much. He was neither handsome nor kind. However, she was going to marry Prince Ronald who was both handsome and rich.

One day, Sam knew Prince Ronald would like to marry Princess Elizabeth, he had no chance to marry her. So, Sam wanted to destroy their wedding party. When Elizabeth and Ronald were having their wedding, Sam suddenly appeared. He destroyed the castle with fire and took Elizabeth away. Luckily, Ronald was not hurt. He chased Sam quickly. He searched for one day and found them in a big cave. He was too tired to do anything.

Elizabeth saw Ronald and cried, “Go away! Watch out!” The crazy dragon caught Ronald and roared, “I am very angry! I hate you!” The princess knelt down and cried, “Please don’t kill us!”

Sam suddenly felt very regretful and said, “Fine. I will give up! Go away in ten seconds or I will kill you both!” Then they went away quickly.

Finally, Ronald and Elizabeth built a new castle. Ronald bought two diamond rings and they got married happily.