An Email to a Friend

Dear Yi Chon Lang,

How are you? My name is Jonathan Tse Tsz Chun. It is quite windy and cold in Hong Kong. How about you?

My most favourite festival is Christmas. It is because I can buy the celebrations to celebrate the spectacular Christmas tree. I can eat the big Christmas dinner with my relatives because I believe that Jesus will send good luck to us. Besides, I can sing Karaoke of many Christmas songs such as Last Christmas and Hallelujah. They mainly praise the greatest god. I will invite you to join my Christmas party on Sunday. The food is really so mouth watering that they are made by my lovely mother, such as roast chicken. You absolutely will raise the thumb up when you eat these foods. After that, you can play some games and tell some funny jokes with me.

Do you like Christmas? What do you eat during Christmas? Please write back soon. I look forward to you coming to my Christmas party. Merry Christmas!

Jonathan Tse