An Unforgettable Day

It was an unlucky day yesterday. Do you know why?

Yesterday, it was my grandpa’s birthday. So we took the MTR to a Chinese restaurant. Why did I go to a Chinese restaurant with my grandparents? That was because my grandpa loved that restaurant’s dim sum. I wanted to give him an unforgettable day, so I prepared a special gift for him.

When we reached the Chinese restaurant, there were so many people enjoying their food. It seemed that this restaurant’s food was tasty. We ordered some dim sum.

After a minute, someone walked towards us and put down three kinds of dim sum on the table. The most favourite dim sum was the mouthwatering siu mai. We started eating the dim sum. We enjoyed the food very much. The food tasted so delicious.

As I was taking my gift and wanted to give my grandpa, thick, black smoke came out from the kitchen. The smoke broke the happy moment. A waiter shouted at all customers, “Let’s run quickly! There is a fire!” We quickly left the restaurant. When I wanted to take my gift to give my grandpa, I couldn’t find it. I thought it might be in the restaurant. I wanted to go into the restaurant to find it. Grandpa said, “It is dangerous to go inside, come back!” “Grandpa, I want to find the birthday gift for you.” I replied. “Jamie, I have already received your idea.” Grandpa smiled at me. My heart suddenly became warm and I felt joyful while hearing what he said.

Although I couldn’t give my gift to my grandpa, I passed an unforgettable day with him.