Introducing My Teacher

Good morning, teachers and students. This is Mr. Dennis Lee, your headmaster. I would like to introduce our new teachers.

Kay Chan will teach Chinese, Putonghua and Bible Studies in Primary 2, 4 and 6. She enjoys playing volleyball. So she organizes a volley ball class. If you want to join this class, you can contact Miss Chan.

Mr. Kelvin Le Stlion will teach English in Primary 1 and 3. He comes from the U.S.A and the famous writer Yronimo Stlion is his relative. He enjoys playing golf. He has been playing golf since 1998.

Mr. Andy Tsoi will teach P.E. and Maths for Primary 2 and 6. He is also the coach of the swimming team. He is so happy because the team is very well known. He believes our team can be the best team in Hong Kong.

Please give them a warm welcome when you see them.