A Present to Miss Chow

Soon I will graduate and leave my school. I am going to give Miss Chow a special present. I think all week about what to give Miss Chow. I want to give Miss Chow the best gift ever.

However, I do not have enough money. What can I get Miss Chow? I asked Miss Fung, “What do you think would be the best gift ever?”

Miss Fung says, “Well, sometimes the best gift is the one that comes from the heart. Can you make something yourself?”

What kind of gift can I make? I think hard. Then, I have a great idea! I think I can make a special cake for Miss Chow because I know how to make a yummy cheese cake. I know that would be the best gift ever.

First, I prepare some cheese and cream. Then, I mix the cheese and the cream together. Next I put the cheese and the cream into a mould. Finally I put the mould in the fridge for four hours.

I will give this special present to Miss Chow. I hope she will feel happy when she receives my cheese cake.