An Unforgettable Day

晶文薈萃 十優文章

I never believe in ghost stories, but the thing that happened yesterday makes me feel that all of them are real.

I was walking on the dark street yesterday night. When I walked near my home, I saw a young woman sitting on the bench which was near my home. She looked like very sad and disappointed so I asked her, "What's happened? Is there anything that I can help? My name is Pattie."

Although she did not answer my question, she whispered my name softly, "Pattie, Pattie, your name is Pattie..."

I was a little bit afraid. Before I could say anything, the woman disappeared! I was so scared! Therefore, I ran as fast as I could.

I relaxed myself while I got back home. However, I saw that woman was standing in front of my house and it seemed that she was waiting for me! I screamed loudly and I really thought that she would kill me if I did not shout.

Mom came to open the door after hearing my scream to see what was happening. When the door opened, the woman disappeared again! I trembled in fear. The woman was as horrible as a person who was already died and I was pretty sure that she was a ghost.

Mom helped me in and comforted me. However, I can see that she wasn't believed in me in her eyes. I went to my room without any deliver.

It was the most unforgettable day in my life! I won't tease at people telling ghost stories anymore because I really believe in them from that day on! Yesterday was unforgettable, forever, and forever.