A Letter--Hello Halloween

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Hello Liam,

How are you? England is hot now. Is Hong Kong hot now too?

Today is Halloween Eve. My neighbour, Mr Lee, has stick a phantom’s picture on his door. Also, he has put a cumshaw in his garden, and a fake tomb with a white cross on it in front of the door. Mrs Lee wore a pair of vampire’s clothes and a pair of sharp teeth. I was usually frightened by them in the last two years. They were so scary! Will Hong Kong celebrate Halloween too? Will they attire themselves into vampires or ghosts too?

At Halloween, we eat the candies which have ghost pictures on them. Also, children go to their neighbours' houses and say “Trick or treat!” That means if their neighbours don’t give them chocolate or candies, they will trick them. So, they always have a lot of candies when the activity ends! I’m one of this group of children. Some of my neighbours make some sounds of scary music to scare us! Will Hong Kong’s people do that at Halloween?

If you know something about the Halloween’s origin, can you tell me? Please write soon! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Bye!