An Unlucky Day

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Yesterday was a sunny day and it was my grandmother’s birthday. So I went to the restaurant with my grandparents. As my mum and dad were very busy, they could not eat lunch with us. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui Restaurant by MTR.

When we arrived there, I saw many people. We waited and waited. One hour later, we could go into the restaurant. First, I helped my grandparents to wash their dishes. Then the waiter took some dim sum, such as dumplings, Chinese buns and so on. They looked very yummy and they made us mouthwatering.

As we were eating the delicious food, suddenly, I saw some smoke coming out from the kitchen. Then someone was running out from the kitchen and said there was a fire. While we know that, we screamed loudly and we felt so scared. Unexpectedly, my grandfather pushed grandmother and I outside. Then the ceiling fell down and crashed on my grandfather. The fire burned on grandfather’s body. My grandmother and I cried and cried, then my grandmother said “It all happened so suddenly! Why you make me alone? Why? ”

In my grandfather’s funeral, everyone was sad so they cried. As this moment, I knew one of the most beautiful things is the love among family members……