The Elves and the Shoemaker - Book Report

Title: The Elves and the Shoemaker
Author: Jacob Grimm
Publisher: Chronicle Books

This story is about a poor shoemaker and his wife. They had a bad life until they met the elves. The elves made a pair of perfect shoes for them every night. The shoemaker sold the excellent shoes and their poor life improved. It tells us giving gifts is as important as receiving gifts. If we are helpful or want to make others happy, we should do something for them.

The couple was very rich and always helped people in need. One night, when going back to their home, they met the elves suddenly. But the elves looked so tired and wore the poor clothes which were made by the wife. The couple invited them to their home. The wife made new clothes and the shoemaker made two pairs of shoes for them. Also, they gave them a bedroom to stay that night. The elves seemed very glad and fell asleep quickly. The next morning, the elves disappeared but left a pair of beautiful shoes and a note saying: “Thank you for your help. We have met two lenient hearts.

I always teach my classmates’ homework and help them face miseries. I feel very cheerful after helping the people in need. I think helping is a must-do behavior. Everyone must do it.