The Secret Garden - Book Report

Title: The Secret Garden
Author: Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited

My favorite character is Dickson. I would use “amenable” and “approachable” to describe him because he is very obedient and always listens to his parents. He is really affable because it is easy for him to make his friends laugh. When somebody is feeling blue, he will console them. Grams Lerene is my least favourite character in the story. I would use “mean” and “strict” to describe him because he always scolds his servants and is so harsh to everyone.

This story is about an orphan who is called Mary. Unluckily, her parents were dead so she lived with her uncle. Her uncle was a strange person who didn’t like to talk with others so he and his son, Colin didn’t had a good relationship. One day, Mary found a secret garden and had an adventure with Dickson.

If I could add a super power to my most favourite character in the story, I would give him the power of mental telepathy. It is because Dickson is very affable. He always cares about people. If he knew more about people, he could give the most suitable consolation and support! If he really had this super power, Colin and his father’s relationship would be better.