Noah’s Ark - Book Report

Title: Noah’s Ark
Author: Genesis
Publisher: Award Publication

The story is about how God saw humans on the ground were full of corruption. He planned to wipe out the wicked things with a flood. He also found there was a good man called Noah. So, God instructed Noah to build an ark with his wife, sons and his sons’ wives. God also instructed Noah to bring animals and birds to the ark, and that he must include female and male. Then, rain fell on the earth for forty days and forty nights. God wiped out every living thing except Noah and his company. At last, Noah took the beasts and birds of every kind, and offered whole-offerings on the altar. When the God smelt the smoothing odour, he decided he would never again kill any living creature.

The mythology tells us we should be justice people. It is because justice and kind-hearted person will get God’s care. We ought to learn to feel grateful too, so the others will help you again. Noah has many good qualities that deserve us to study. I think he is a respectable person.