From Zero to Hero - Book Report

Title: From Zero to Hero
Author: Condon Bill
Publisher: Longman

I think my favorite character is Wayne. He is creative and humorous. He can quickly make an interesting and realistic story and make everyone believes in it. He is also humorous. He tells lots of jokes to Felicity who Wayne crashes in, although they are not funny. If I were him, I would write a really attractive article.

My least favourite character is Larry. He is an editor who works in the newsroom. Larry is always serious and lazy. He criticizes Wayne that he makes fun of others on the first working day. Then he put all the works on Wayne. I really dislike him.

This story is about the character Wayne. In the beginning, he was not an honest boy because he often used his imagination to create excuses that tricked his teacher or boss. Then he became a reporter and worked for a local paper. He once met a bank robber and thought he would get a scoop. But nobody believed him. Finally he discovered that everyone thought he was not trustworthy because he usually told lies or excuse to others. He wanted to improve it.

I think Wayne should be given the power of telepathy, which can control the minds of others. Wayne is proud of making story Everyone would accept and praise his creative story.