Greek Myths - Book Report

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Title: Greek Myths
Author: Jacqueline Morley
Publisher: Macdonald young Books

All countries have their own legends or myths. My favourite is the tales of Greek gods and heroes. Those stories are related to many themes, competitions, love, family, etc. In this book, they were told in detail.

In this book, all the stories seem individual but they are related to each other and my favourite story is "King Midas and the golden touch". Midas was a king but he was sometimes the unhappiest man. Although he had a prosperous kingdom and was very rich, he still thought he was not rich enough. One day when he was walking in his rose garden, he saw the wine god, Dionysus. He brought Dionysus to his palace and served him well. Therefore, Dionysus promised to give him a gift - anything he wanted. Midas then wished to have the ability to turn whatever he touched into gold. After that, Midas was very happy and made everything in his palace turn into gold. He was extremely happy... in the beginning. However, he then realised he couldn't eat or even drink because whatever his body touched turned into gold. Midas felt regret and begged the god for forgiveness of his greed. At last, the god told him to go to a spring to wash away the golden touch. Everything returned to the beginning finally.

In this story, it's good that King Midas could realise that he was wrong finally. I think we are greedy in our mind and our desire is unlimited. No matter how much we have, we won't be satisfied and will require for more and more. Nowadays, many people chase for material but I think spiritual satisfaction is more important. If we treasure all the things we have, we will be happy all the day.