Cinderella - Book Report

Title: Cinderella
Author: Sue Arengo
Publisher: Oxford

My favourite character is the fairy. In the story, she helped Cinderella meet the prince. She is a nice character.

She is so kind that she helped Cinderella twice in the story. She used magic to help Cinderella prepare many things for the ball. I think the fairy always helped the unlucky people. When she saw Cinderella being upset, she appeared and gave a hand to her. Therefore, I think the fairy is an absolute marvel. If we face the same problem in our life, she appears and inspires our courage. I hope I can meet a fairy sometimes.

Amazing and great

Only the fairy has amazing magic in the story. Her appearance becomes the twist of the story that turns the tragedy into comedy. Thus, she is an important character.

She is also a great savior of all the unlucky people. I wish she would help us overcome the miseries when we meet any difficulties.