Ghost Stories - Book Report

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Title: Ghost Stories
Author: Tricia Hedge
Publisher: Oxford

This book is combined with six ghost stories which were written by different writers and all the stories took place in England. The most frightening story is the first one - "smee" written by A.M. Burrage. All things happened in a big house. Twelve people were playing a game called "Smee" at night and it was similar to hide and seek. The participants were given a piece of paper that told them their identities and they didn't know each others' identities. When the lights were turned off, the "Smee" would go quietly out of the room and hid. Then, the others needed to go and look for him. Of course, they didn't know who they were looking for. So they needed to ask "Smee" when they met other people. The one who didn't answer was the "Smee" and the last one who found the "Smee" was the loser. ("Smee" came from "It's me"). And the most horrible thing of this story happened when they were playing the game. There was a girl who died while playing this game ten years ago. Ten years later when twelve people played the game again, they met the girl and some horrible things happened.

This book is quite special. If you don't put yourself in the story or characters, you won't feel horrified or strange. However, if you imagine yourself in the scene, it was very very frightening. After reading this book and "Smee", I won't play hide and seek any more, especially at night and in a big house. Besides, putting myself in the characters can make everything become more realistic, like touching the cold hand at night, running at the house to find "Smee" in the dark, sitting beside the dead girl and feeling cold, etc. As a conclusion, although this book is frightening, it is really amazing.