Christina's Ghost - Book Report

Title: Christina's Ghost
Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publisher: Schilastic Inc.

Christina was a girl, but she is like a tomboy. She had an uncle called Ralph. He was a grumpy man.

One summer, Christina needed to live with her uncle for some days because her grandma was sick and her mother needed to look after grandma. Christina felt his uncle’s house was strange. It had towers, gables and carved trimmings over every window. The whole house was painted with a sickly gray-green. And it looked like a moldy wedding cake. At night, Christina saw a boy. He had a solemn face. Then, she knew he was a ghost. Before the boy mysteriously disappeared, she talked with him. From an old newspaper, Christina knew the boy and his father were murdered in the uncle’s house. The event happened thirty years ago. Moreover, the killer stole precious postage stamp. After an investigation, Christina and the boy knew the killer was his sitter. Finally, the ghost boy left this house. Christina was home with her mother Jeny.

I recommend this book because this book’s content is mysterious and scary. For example, the part when Christina saw the ghost boy. It is an entertaining ghost story and it is a really great book.