Animal Café (Play)

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Scene 5

Setting: Wonderland, on Friday

Characters: Ann, Bobby, Sally (the dog)

Synopsis: On Friday, Bobby and his dog went to the café. The dog was cute that everyone liked it very much. So, Ann let every animal came to the café.

Narrator: On Friday, Bobby went to Wonderland with another dog, Sally again. Sally was friendly, and it was cute too. So every customers liked it very much.

Ann (angrily): You mustn’t bring THAT ANIMAL in here!

Bobby (proudly): This dog has received a proper training. It can do many special gestures.

Ann (point at the dog): OK. Let it dance for us.

Narrator: Sally danced very well that everyone was attracted by it. Ann was surprised. In the past, she was scared by those animals. But now, this dog changed her mind. It looked very friendly that Ann even wanted to keep a dog as her pet!

Ann (loudly): Everyone please listen to me. I’ll stay at this café for a long time because I want to help my sister to take care of the café. And of course, pets are very welcome in here!

Narrator: When Ann was here, the customers were afraid to bring their pets to the café.