My journal – A day at the zoo

Wednesday 11th July Cloudy

Today is my birthday. I'm eleven now. My mother took my sister and I to the zoo after lunch.

There were many different kinds of animals in the zoo.

When we got there, we looked at the pandas first. They were sleeping soundly. Their fur were black and white. They were too fat but lovely. My mother said the panda is our national treasure.

Then we go to see the monkeys. There were three monkeys. They were eating bananas. Many people come to watch them. Some people gave food to the monkeys but I thought it was dangerous!

After that, we went to see the lions, the tigers and many other animals. We had great fun!

In the evening, Dad and Mum gave me big birthday cake. It was a lemon cake. I like it. There were other gifts for my birthday. They were a pencil case, fruits and toys. My relative came to my house. They said ‘Happy Birthday!’ I say ‘Thank you’ with a big smile.Then we ate and drank, sang and played games.

What a happy day!