Macy’s Eating Habit

Macy’s eating habit isn’t very good. She doesn’t like eating meat. She should eat more meat because meat helps us grow. But she likes eating fruit and vegetables.

I find that she doesn’t eat breakfast. Breakfast is important. She should eat enough breakfast. If she doesn’t, she will get tired easily. Famous scientists have done researches about breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for each day. Our brain will be affected if we skip breakfast.

She just eats fruit for lunch. She should eat more food from other food groups because they are all important.

She just drinks a little water. Our body needs eight glasses of water every day. She should drink more water. Besides that, she drinks too much juice and milk. It’s not healthy for drinking too much juice and milk. She should drink less juice and milk but more water.

A balanced diet is very important. If Macy has a better eating habit, her body will be healthier.