"The King's New Coat" Script writing

Scene 3

Setting: In a street

Characters: The King (K), a boy (O), Brother A (A), Brother B (B)

Narrator: The King’s birthday came, all the people lined up in the street to see the king’s new coat.

K: (coming out from the place, riding on a horse) [loudly, happily, proudly] Can everyone see my new coat?

Narrator: Everyone saw the King but no one said anything. Suddenly, a boy in the crowd pointed at the King and said loudly.

O: [loudly, curiously] The King isn’t wearing a coat. He’s only wearing his underwear!

Narrator: Then everybody started laughing. The King was so embarrassed that he rode back to the palace quickly. The King was very angry when he was back in the palace.

K: (walking back and fourth) [angrily] I will kill both the brothers if find them!

Narrator: The next day, the King sent his army to look for the two cunning brothers and they finally found them. The soldiers took the two brothers back to the palace. The two brothers begged the King with tears.

A, B: (kneeling down in front of the king, crying)[sadly] Please forgive us! We promise to find the best tailor for you, Your Majesty!

K: [angrily] I will forgive you if you can find the best tailor for me before sunset tomorrow! Or I will kill both of you!

Narrator: The next day, the two brothers found the best tailor in town. The best tailor then made the most beautiful coat in the world for the King. The King was very happy, so he let the two brothers go!