Cinderella - A New Ending

At the party, I met a pretty lady. I invited her to dance with me. I was happy and excited. I danced with her all night long. I enjoyed it so much. Suddenly, she left me behind and ran out of the palace. I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Oh! I forgot to ask her name. However, I knew where she lived because I asked her about it when I was dancing with her.

I decided to find her by myself. After searching her exhaustively, I finally knew her location. However, I couldn't see her when I reached there.

I was disappointed. If I failed to find her at last, I would go back to the palace and kill myself.

She finally came to the palace. Upon her arrival, I saw the process of how she turned into a man. I felt very strange. She said, 'We should find the fairy who could give the reason of my change.'

Then we saw the fairy and I asked, 'What happened to this girl?' The fairy answered, 'It is because of the adverse effect after using magic.' Then she gave some pills to the lady to resume to normal.

After that, we lived in the palace happily.