Cinderella - A New Ending

At the party, I met a pretty lady. I invited her to dance with me. I was happy and excited. I danced with her all night long. I enjoyed it so much. Suddenly, she left me behind and ran out of the palace. I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Oh! I forgot to ask her name.

After the party, I found a slipper on the stairs. I was so disappointed because I couldn’t find Cinderella. I found her for two months. My parents told me to forget her and got married with the princess, Dinerella. I was sad. But then, a fairy appeared in front of us. We were afraid. The fairy told us that Cinderella was living in a big house next to the palace but Cinderella’s stepmother tied her up in a small and dirty room. She was frightened. So, we decided to rescue her.

At first, we went to Cinderella’s home and talked to her stepmother, ‘We have already checked that Cinderella is living here and you have tied her up in a small and dirty room. If you don’t bring her to us, we will search her in your house and you will be put into the jail for two years.’

At last, the stepmother was scared and brought Cinderella to us. Cinderella was happy to see me again. So we got married and lived happily forever.