Cinderella - A New Ending

At the party, I met a pretty lady. I invited her to dance with me. I was happy and excited. I danced with her all night long. I enjoyed it so much. Suddenly, she left me behind and ran out of the palace. I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Oh! I forgot to ask her name.

After the party, I found a slipper on the stairs. I was upset that I couldn't find her everywhere in the city. Suddenly, a fairy appeared in front of me. 'What are you doing here' asked the fairy. I replied to her that I was looking for Cinderella. She told me where Cinderella was and she brought me there.

At last, I found her in the garden of her house. She was watering the flowers. I was shocked when I saw her in her dirty clothes. But I still loved her so much. So I said, 'Would you marry me?' She was shy and said, 'Yes, I would marry you.'

The next day, we got married immediately. We lived happily ever after.