Poor Life of the Alley Cat

晶文薈萃 十優文章

A dog was sleeping comfortably in the living room. He was called Hugo. Hugo lived with Jimmy's family in Water Street. Most of the time, he guarded the house for them as they studied at school and went to work. Therefore, he often felt bored and slept. Then, his life had to change since that day.

Suddenly the sound of broken glass woke Hugo up from the dream. He ran to the kitchen immediately and saw a cat grabbing a fish in its month and was jumping out the window. Hugo shouted, "Put down the food and get out. Otherwise I must bite you!" He proudly showed his teeth to the cat. "Don't look down on me, foolish dog! You cannot move faster than I do. And also I just take away one fish, I don't think it is a trouble for you. Understand?" the cat said. "Put down the food!" "No way!" "Wait, I have never seen you before. Who are you?" Hugo asked. "Call me Tom. Don't forget it, okay? It's time for me to leave now. See you soon!" Tom said and got out. He jumped down along the gutter quickly. Hugo was not able to catch him. "If I meet you again, I guarantee I will not let you go," Hugo thought.

Tom was an alley cat. He always walked around the city for stealing food and living places. This time he arrived Hugo's house and wanted to steal much food away, but he broke a glass accidentally. He had never made any mistakes of thieving food except this time. Nevertheless, his life was tragedy because he had to constantly find places to hide and steal food more and more. He just wanted to live and did not know what things he could not do. He would do it forever and forever.

Later, Tom came in the house to steal food again and again. Hugo always wanted to catch him but did not get success due to Tom's high speed to run away. Hugo even took the blame since his family discovered there was something disappeared and scolded him. He wanted to scream bloody murder to them but he definitely did not know to speak in human language. All he had to do was to catch Tom and fight with him.

"Sincerely, I hope you can be killed, or be bitten by me, or be fought. If you die, I will be very cheerful!" Hugo said. "How foolish a thought you have! Have you heard that a cat has nine lives? I will not die easily," Tom said and then jumped out the window, with a fish.

Then, a man and his family moved to a new house opposite Hugo's house. This was the turning point that Tom had rarely stolen the food from Hugo's house. Tom discovered there was a lot of food in the man's house. Now, his target was to steal from the house.

One day, when Hugo walked through the kitchen, he saw Tom escaping from the house, with food in his mouth. Hugo also saw that the man was standing over there. His angry face was like a devil. Surprisingly, his hand was holding a knife. It was so scaring that Hugo could not stare at it. Did the man want to kill Tom? It was not quite important. Tragedy happened soon!

Someday afternoon, while Hugo was sitting in the living room, he heard a big sound "meow!!!" from the kitchen outside. He ran to kitchen quickly and saw through the window. Then, he was shocked by the horror situation - Tom laid on the street! His body had a big hole and it was bleeding! Tom was killed! Hugo could not believe his eyes. "Wake up, Tom! No kidding!" Hugo screamed out but Tom did not move at all. After a while, many rescuers and reporters came and took away Tom.

"Oh my dear! Too many pieces of news are about killing animals. How cruel those killers are. "What happened to this society?" Jimmy said as he watched TV report. In the news, Tom was taken pictures by the reporters and doctors consulted if Tom needed to be euthanatized. No one really cared about the killer.

Was Hugo delighted about Tom's dead? No, he felt so upset. He hated his enemy very much, but now he was lonely. Tom would not come to his house any more. No food would be stolen and no one would often trick him. He even wanted to apologize Tom. Moreover, he realized he did not have empathy to Tom. He thought happiness was easy to get in his life, but he did not understand Tom's life was misery and poor: No family, no friends and just knew stealing food every day. Hugo also thought why people needed to kill the ally animals, but not other ways. So ugly was people's thought that they thought the ally animals were trouble and knew to kill them for solution. Life was so weak. People's heart was so wicked…..