Sleepwalker in the Wonderland

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Time to go to school today. No! It should be "everyday". Study, dictation... exam... lunch time... after lunch, study, dictation... round and round non stop until I pass the exam. What's more? Get the highest marks! Yes this is a game for my daily life - now and future, it is a competition to get marks and everything here is made by marks. I need to follow my parents' expectation that they are players in this game. Now, my level is up to grade 30 now.

"I've got enough to play this game. I want to have my adventure! "

"Today is a perfect day to escape. I need to imitate Wreck-It-Ralph to get the things I hope. Not long ago, I sent a message to the centre of computer console to ask for changing my game department. Later it gave me a rabbit back! What? Rabbit! What I want is not a rabbit. I want to escape!" But the rabbit signed me to follow it. Then I followed it and flew into a hole. We arrived at a beautiful place! Strange plants were surrounding us and some of them were even taller than us. Suddenly, I felt the ground shaking and I heard a loud noise which was not far away from us. Uh... I stayed for a few seconds at the time when I saw a Dinosaur, Wha...what? Dinosaur had become extinct, hadn't they? But I really saw a dinosaur coming. It was only ten-meter distance from us and I began to run away. It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex which had a cruel character and loved meat. "Help! I don't want to escape anymore, I want to go home." I thought. Just before Tyrannosaurus was ready to swallow us, I felt a warm and a bright light. Then I arrived a little old house. I felt thirsty so I wanted to drink something but I found that could not move my body and I became invisible. I even could not find where I am. I was just slanting my eyes and looking around the place. Suddenly, I found a mirror in the corner of the house. I saw a fat lady sleeping on my bed and her dress was surprisingly pretty that I thought she must be the princess but why did she sleep in this old house? The door opened and a beautiful woman came in, she said, "Oh! My sleeping beauty! Oh! You are the sleeping frog right now. Um... If you don't look that pretty, I don't need to spell on you to make you sleep for a thousand years and get uglier. Unless someone finds you and kisses you, you'll not wake up. But look at your face now, who will kiss you? Ha! Ha! Ha!" I was angry about it. I wanted to escape from that fat lady. Suddenly I could move! I hid in the wardrobe and I was ready to rush out but it's all too late. "Who's there?... Malimalihom!" When I saw the mirror, I was turned into a frog and I fainted because I was too frightened.

I woke up and checked my body immediately, "So happy that I am not a frog! And I go back to my real life now, yeah!" Now I don't think my life was bad anymore and I realized our road of life was too dangerous so we needed to learn a lot that would enable us to know how to solve different problems rather than just rushing forward. I was happy to have such a dream. Suddenly, I saw a rabbit and it smiled at me then it ran away... should I follow it?