A Strange Story

晶文薈萃 十優文章

'Grandma, can you tell me a story?' Krystal asked. 'Of course, my dear. Have you ever heard of alien?' Grandma said.' 'No, Grandma. Are they fierce?' Krystal asked. 'No, they are very kind. I met them when I was 13 years old.' Then Grandma told her a lot about alien.

After six years, Grandma died because she had cancer. She was crying when her mum gave her Grandma's hangover. Krystal opened the box. She caught sight of her glasses, necklace and a diary. Krystal was very busy so she didn't notice the diary but she brought Grandma's hangover every day and everywhere.

One day after dinner, when she wore her Grandma's glasses to look at the windows, she saw something falling outside. ''Thump!'' Krystal ran out of her room and asked her mother and father. 'Do you hear any sound?' Krystal asked. 'No,' her mother and father said. She ran outside and saw an alien was hurt. She brought the alien home and asked her mother and father if she could bring the alien home for treatment but they said they didn't see anything. They thought Krystal was telling a joke, so they didn't say anything. Krystal took care of the alien every day.

After one week, the alien was restored and he wanted to repay Krystal. He asked, 'What is your favourite thing?' 'Eating!' Krystal said. So, the alien brought her to the food world. 'What is your name? My name is Krystal,' Krystal said. 'My name is Stitch,' Stitch said. They arrived at the food world.

She asked, 'Why do you take a weird umbrella? You know, it is sunny,' Stitch said, 'It is made by jelly.' The newspaper said that the food world would rain "chocolate and candy".' Krystal didn't understand what he said but she did not ask anymore ''Tick tock... tick tock...'' Stitch opened the umbrella. 'Oh! It is really raining "chocolate and candy"!' Krystal said. The chocolate and candy fell on the floor. Krystal felt thirsty so they arrived the juice pool. There were different kinds of juice such as apple, orange and peach. They swam in the peach pool. After that they went to the ice-cream land to play ice-cream wars. Krystal felt very happy because she had never tried playing ice-cream wars and eating ice-cream at the same time. Stitch suggested Krystal to go to the jelly land. When they left, Krystal saw a candy tree and saw lollipop and candy floss flower on the grass. Krystal and Stitch planted the candy trees and some candy flowers were on the grass. They went to the jelly land by cookies. 'What is that?' Krystal looked at the sea. 'That is mint.' Stitch said. After that, they arrived the jelly land. They played with it very happily. The jelly was like trampoline and so they didn't get hurt. 'Do you want to see chocolate castle?' Stitch asked. 'Really? It must be very interesting! Where is it?' Krystal said. 'It is getting very close. It is near the volcano......' The newspaper said that there would be volcanic eruption today! We need to leave!' Bang! The caramel was about to spill. They went back to the Cookies. But unluckily, they got lost but they saw a beach. They went to the beach to take a rest. Krystal found that the sand was made by brown sugar and thought the food world was very interesting and marvelous.

Luckily, the police saved them.

Finally Krystal found that it was 9:00 a.m. Krystal told Stitch that she needed to go home. Stitch gave her a computer because it could be used to send e-mails to Stitch. Stitch sent Krystal home.

When Krystal went back to the earth, she was curious to her grandma's diary. Before, Grandma met Stitch 73 years ago! The diary also talked about Grandma's experience going to another world and she took a lot of photos with Stitch. In the diary, Grandma said that the glasses could let people see them and the necklace could let people hear them.

In summer holiday, Krystal sent an e-mail to tell Stitch she wanted to go to Electricity World and see the candy trees and candy flowers.