The Best Thing in Life

We always hear people say we can't live without money. To me, fame and wealth are just one part in our life. It does not mean a lot to us. Love and care are the major part in our life. Something ordinary is already good enough to make a difference. An ordinary person called "Mama Fairy" inspires me a lot. Now, I would like to share her heartwarming story. She is my neighbour and I meet her every day.

Mama Fairy is a strong woman. She did everything perfectly. There should be no mistakes. As she is an accountant and works at a big company, she earns a high salary and usually spends money on branded products. It is fair to say, she is a material girl.

A boy changed her life. She told me that she met a homeless boy when she went to mainland China for a business trip. Then the boy asked her for money. "Excuse me, can you give me some money for me to buy a 10-dollar meal." Mama Fairy thought for a while. She didn't give any money and left. "Why don't I help him?" She asked herself. If she gives money to the boy, maybe the boy will not be starving and his life much better. She regretted.

She went back to the place where they had met. She could see the boy and followed his steps. "Mum, I can't buy any food for you." The boy cried. At that moment, Mama Fairy came to the slums of the city where a lot of poor people live. She could not help herself crying. Without hesitation, she was giving a helping hand to the homeless boy. She got the money from her wallet and picked a 100-dollars bill to the homeless boy. Although this was not a big amount of money, at least she had helped him. The boy felt very thankful and smiled at her. "Thank you for your help, you changed my life." said the boy.

From this moment, Mama Fairy realized that helping people needs no reasons. Just help as much as you can. She learnt the true meaning of love and care. She is not an accountant anymore. She is now a teacher of an orphanage. She thinks that education is the spirit of humanity. Everyone has their own opportunity to study. Although she can't earn a high salary anymore, she can find the true meaning of life. It was not easy to give up her privileged job but she did. Her goal is to help a lot of people without fame and wealth, to serve the society with joy.

Mama Fairy's story ends here, but it really means a lot to me. I know that giving up a privileged job is not easy, but I know that if we can find the true meaning of life, money is not that important.