That’s me!

My name is Bertrand Yuen. I am twelve years old and my birthday is on 14th January, 2001. I live in Tseung Kwan O. I have father, mother and an elder sister and I came from St. Joseph’s Primary School.

In my leisure time, I always draw pictures. Sometimes I read books, listen to music and write diary.

My favourite food is fruit because it is healthy and tasty. Among all fruits, I like orange and grapefruit the most because they contain rich vitamin E. My favourite subject is Visual Arts because I like drawing very much. I think I am a helpful and quiet student because I like helping people and I do not like outdoor activities much.

I have a delightful family. My parents always bring my sister and I to go hiking, play badminton and go swimming every weekend. We are always very happy and care for each other.