Composition 8

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the article ‘Dolphin tour company meets opposition’ (Island Time, 23rd May 2013). As far as I am concerned, I hold the view that Dolphin Delight Tours should be allowed to continue its operation. Most, if not all know that dolphin is the most representative animal for the famous Hong Kong theme park, Ocean Park. Therefore, most of the Hong Kong people agree that dolphin is a cute and clever animal. However, they don’t quite understand their habitat. As a result, they are disturbing their living environment when they are watching them. Therefore, we should allow dolphin tours which can raise their knowledge about dolphin. Of course, the government should assign more resources for protecting our dolphin. Here are my viewpoints concerning this issue.

Firstly, I believe that Dolphin Delight Tours can enhance people’s knowledge and interest in dolphin. There is no doubt that this type of tours can help the citizens escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Dolphin tours can not only make people recognize the other side of our city, but also help to learn more knowledge about the dolphin. They can know that the dolphins are highly endangered animals in the world. Therefore, we should put more attention to protecting it. Also, we should learn how to appreciate them and not to harm their living environment. Hence, I think Dolphin Tours is a meaningful way to let people to understand what the situation of the dolphin is.

Furthermore, in my view, I think the government should assign more resources for protecting our dolphin so that the tours can continue. Hong Kong tourism industry always focuses on shopping and dining. However, the government should not be that tunnel vision. They should have diversified development for Hong Kong tourism. On the other hand, the government also has the responsibility to protect the protected animal. Therefore, the government should take action for saving the dolphin. For my point of view, I think the government can invite some experts of dolphins so that they can provide some suggestions for us to protect them. In addition, the government can also invite more local tour guide to introduce the background information of these dolphins which can not only render the dolphin tours more meaningful, but also provide the information for local resident. Hence, I think the government should assign more resources to protect our dolphin.

In conclusion, I think we should allow the dolphin tours to continue as there are many benefits on it, just like it can enhance people’s knowledge and interesting dolphins.

Yours faithfully,
Danny Fong