晶文薈萃 十優文章

"Turn to your book page 75. Today we are going to learn about…" The middle-aged man with glasses spoke loudly in the class. Drawing pictures on the blackboard, the teacher taught the students science patiently.

Perhaps the weather was really nice and comfortable, or the class was really quiet, or the lesson was boring. Jack just couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was saying. While others were taking notes, he simply drew a robot on the science notebook. With boring atmosphere, lack of sleep and lack of interest, Jack fell asleep.

When he woke up, he discovered something strange. His teacher turned into a robot. The creepiest part was he looked exactly the same as the robot he drew. He then found out he had the ability to make things become real with his pen.

After a series of consideration, he drew lots of things, iPad, iPhone, PSP, newest computer, a cool jacket… He blinked and every drawing became real. Then he slowed down, made his mind clear and thought of a woman figure. "I… I… I just can't remember her face… why…" Jack cried and tears dropped on his drawing – a blurred figure of his mother who had passed away. Slowly, a woman showed up, touched his shoulder and used his pen to write down a sentence. "I'm always with you." Then she whispered gently at his ear. "Don't cry… I'm here… Please try your best to catch up with your study and everything. Remember I'm always… and I love you."

"Jack Ackerman! You dare to sleep at my class! This is a warning! If you do this again, you'll get detention!" The teacher yelled at him and woke him up.

"It was nothing but a stupid dream…" he thought. On the page where he drew his robot, there was a sentence written down "I'm always with you!"